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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Panasonic DVD-LS50 DVD Player

Panasonic DVD-LS50 DVD Player

The DVD-LS50 features a 7-inch (diagonal screen measurement) LCD 16: 9 screen, built-in stereo speakers, the Mono Arm design and dual headphone jacks. The battery life of the DVD-LS50 is 2.9 hours at the minimum LCD brightness. The Panasonic portable DVD player includes high-speed, 5-step Smooth Motion Scan, a feature that provides crystal-clear forward and reverse scan, in 5 speeds. At the highest setting, the unit scans at an incredible 100 times normal speed. Panasonic portable DVD player optimizes the viewing experience by adding two key features - Dialog Enhancer and Cinema Mode. Dialog Enhancer boosts the center channel volume - where most of the principal dialog emanates when playing a Dolby Digital 5.1 disc - by 6dB. Cinema Mode improves the picture quality by reducing glare, softening resolution and improving visibility of details in dark scenes - resulting in a more realistic, cinema-like image.


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