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Friday, October 06, 2006

Classic Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Classic Christmas Stocking Stuffers
One of the best things about Christmas was going through your christmas stocking. Every year after all the presents were opened we would get to look into our Christmas stocking. I was always amazed at all the goodies Santa was able to stuff into it. Here is a list in no particular order of stocking stuffers I remember.
List of Stocking Stuffers
#1. Orange or Apple
#2. Hotwheels or Matchbox Car
#3. Yo-yo
#4. Slinky
#5. Deck of Card Games (Crazy Eights,Old Maid, or Go-Fish)
#6. Bottle of Bubbles
#7. Book
#8. Paddle Ball
#9. Jacks
#10. Marbles
#11. Lifesavers Candy Book
#12. whistle
#13. Candy Cane
#14 Plastic Candy Cane filled with M&M's
#15 Coloring Book
#16. Crayons
#17. Bouncing Ball
This is a list of some ofthe things I remember. Please post any others


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